Yum Bun #streetfood

yum bun
yum bun What – Fluffy clouds of steamed dough stuffed with Chinese fillings
When – Now is the time of the steamed Yum Bun
Where – Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury

Lisa Meyer, radio producer turned puffy bun genius, launched her street-food baby in 2010, after  she saw a recipe in one of her brother’s cookbooks. She set up a stall with her boyfriend at Broadway market and the rest is street-food history.


yum bunThe buns were inspired by David Chang’s recipe, but over the years Lisa has tweeked, steamed and re-stuffed things into the glorious buns she serves today.

The delicate fluffy buns, which are soft and just on the right side of chewy, are all hand made, freshly steamed in batches and stuffed with fillings sent from heaven above! The pork bun with cucumber and chilli sauce is rocking!

The street-food scene has exploded and Yum Bun has been right at the forefront. Lisa put this down to the fact that people want to have a nibble on Friday night and that street-food markets provide quality, affordable food in a cool setting – she also credits Petra Barran – Kerb, Jonathan Downey – Tweat up and Dom Cools-Lartigue – Street Feast, for pushing this new brand of dining that has so much energy and excitement around it!

yum bun Catch Yum Bun this summer
The shop on Featherstone Street
Truck Stop
Street Feast
The Bun-Bus will also be steaming up a storm at Lounge on the Farm festival, Jamie Oliver’s Feastival and Festival No 6

For more information visit yumbun.co.uk

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