Amy Dennis Explores Samahita Yoga Retreat in Thailand

yoga retreat in thailand

There are many fantastic reasons to come to the breathtaking Koh Samui island, off the east coast of Thailand’s peninsula, but the Samahita Retreat may well be the best.

This wonderful yoga retreat in Thailand offers exercise-packed holidays with some of the finest yoga instructors around in spectacular scenery, Samahita is at the top of its class.

As welcoming to mere beginners as to hardened yoga meisters, the open-plan dining area is where most guests mingle in between dips in the sea and yoga and meditation classes. When gurus such as Simon Low arrive, there is a certain buzz about the place, but generally a serene sense of calm casts over the cottage complex.

The bedrooms that lead off the centralised garden, which is full of rainforest-esque wildlife, are white and minimalist, while the practice decks are out in the elements, with a roof to protect from the glaring rays but which doesn’t obstruct the views out to palm tree-lined beaches and beyond.

Paul and Jumita run this idyllic sanctuary and take reign of the classes when retreats aren’t on. From hatha yoga and stress management practice, to Ashtanga Flow yoga, almost every notion of the practice is covered and is often accompanied with health, breathing and meditation lessons.

The days at this yoga retreat in Thailand usually begin at a pleasant 7.30am with Day Opening rituals to introduce the body to a new day of practice and continue with three classes throughout the day, usually coming to a close with meditation. On-site the pool and herbal steam room are popular after workshop hours as guests chill out and chatter.

While a few retreats on offer here often have massage techniques heavily interlaced with the yoga therapy, masseuses are also on hand to complete the package, if yours does not. Treatments from the excellent staff servicing the spa include ayurvedic and detox massages as well as deep tissue, Thai and the intensive Remedial massage therapy, which uses ultrasound frequency to target areas of intense pain or muscle damage.

Just a one-day visit to Samahita would be detox enough, but for those seeking to utterly purge their fatigued body the detox programmes offer a holistic package that will satisfy your soul. Ridding your body of toxins, the programme includes yoga, massages, body and soul therapy as well as an individual diet managed by the staff upon your arrival. Options for 3-, 5- and 7-day detox programmes are available on the website.

While the strict detox diet may not allow for a few things on the rich, colourful dinner menu, the juice bar is a popular spot for detoxees to hang out. However, the exceptional Thai-inspired recipes on offer for lunch and dinner are nutritious, help boost energy levels and most importantly, delicious – plus they’ve now been packaged together in the Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook, which contains 100 meat-free recipes for maintaining the impact the retreat has on your life, long after your yoga mat is rolled up.

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