Yo! Sushi Launch Yo! Burger

yo sushi burger

This week, Yo! Sushi launched their newest innovation: the Yo! Burger. Super tasty, very filling, really low calorie and a lot of fun to eat- we predict a new lunch time favourite!

The Yo! Burger consists of sticky rice ‘buns’, fried until crispy, and stuffed with a delicious filling. There are five burgers to choose from: Salmon, Prawn, Tilapia, Tofu and Chicken; each cooked to perfection, retaining their full flavour, and with a clean, non-greasy texture.  They’re all served with a side of crunchy nori crackers, a tangy gingery ‘diakon slaw‘, and an amazing, rich ‘misochup’ sauce creating a fast-food style ‘meal’ which will knock your socks off. The Yo! Burger meal costs £8. 

But at as little as 312 calories per meal (that’s the Prawn burger- our favourite), the Yo! Burger won’t leave you with the same remorse as its fatty fast-food counterpart, but you can pick it up just as quickly and easily.

As Eastern twists on Western classics go, we can see how the Yo! Burger could easily stage a market takeover on the Big Mac, and we’re loving it!

For more information visit yosushi.com

yo sushi burger

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