Wilderness festival with Russell Norman


With London Grammar headlining the main stage, Zero 7 and Horse Meat Disco tearing it up late into the night and a huge line up of top chefs cooking up a feast, we are getting very excited about Wilderness festival this weekend.
Setting up for a fantastic feast on Sunday, we caught up with Russell Norman, who is taking Polpo to Wilderness and looking forward to catching some music on the way.
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ETL – What’s on the menu at Wilderness this year?

RN – We are putting on a sumptuous Venetian Suckling Pig banquet for the Sunday lunch and a Spritz Supper Feast for Sunday evening.

ETL – What can we expect from a Polpo feast?

RN – “Following the traditions of the Venice Carnevale, we will be dressing our staff in masks. There will be plenty of theatre in the service, with the roasted baby pigs being paraded before lunch, steaming bowls of risi e bisi being served individually to 500 people simultaneously, and we also have a very special guest playing a secret gig in the evening. We can’t wait!”

ETL – Apart from Polpo, what else are you getting excited about? 

RN – “I’m excited about quite a few of the acts at this year’s festival, but I will be making a beeline for three in particular.


I’m a bit of a fan of Chet Faker. My son Ollie recommended the Thinking In Textures EP when it came out two years ago and I listened to it non-stop for a couple of months.  It’s classy, intelligent and soulful and it really gets under your skin, like a cross between Nick Drake and Bill Withers with deeply lovely electronic production values. I’m also looking forward to Teleman. Their debut single Cristina was wonderfully enchanting and I’m really keen to hear more of their stuff.

Surprisingly, perhaps, the highlight for me last year (and the act I’m looking forward to the most this year) was the Wilderness Orchestra.  They played a set of movie theme classics and it felt perfectly celebratory and joyful at the same time.  The 38 piece orchestra comes together specifically for the festival and they have a shonky charm that is spot-on for a festival environment.  This year, I’m told, they are presenting orchestral versions of Radiohead songs.”

Tickets to the Russell’s Polpo feast cost £55

For more information or to book tickets visit wildernessfestival.com

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