Where’s This From

Where’s This From - new food app

As we are all about eating at MSK, we were thrilled to find a clever little app that helps you make informed decisions when purchasing meat from the supermarket – and it’s free!

The latest horse-meat scandal came as a real surprise to many of us and it has been shocking how little control we have over where the food we are eating comes from.

Where’s This From is a simple app that provides food provenance, animal welfare and hygiene standards information on cuts of meat and mince you buy. You can see the name, location and activities of the operators, who are the last stage of the supply chain to the supermarkets. You can also see all the different types of meat handled by each operator – no more horse meat please!

Every pack of meat sold in the supermarkets carries a simple four-digit EU ID mark in an oval code. Pop this into the app and you get all the info you need.

Where’s This From is available free on android and coming soon to iPhone

For more information visit www.wheresthisfrom.com


Where’s This From - new food app

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