Vivek Singh takes Ember Yard

Vivek Singh takes Ember Yard

Ember Yard continues its series of top chef take overs with Vivek Singh.

Following the success of previous take overs by Honey & Co chefs Stephen Terry and Maria Elia, Salt Yard Group have invited renowned Indian chef Vivek Singh – of  the Cinnamon Club, Kitchen, and Soho restaurants – to take the reins of the grill later this month.

Ember Yard usually takes its cue from Spanish cooking, and specifically specialises in the art of cooking over charcoal. The menu will be given a proper shake up under Vivek, with guests being able to indulge in dishes such as the sumptuous Kerala spiced seabream in banana leaf, Tandoori spiced chicken thighs with Rajasthani corn sauce, and chargrilled aubergine with a sesame tamarind glaze.

Vivek Singh runs some of the most beloved Indian restaurants in London, he has written five cookery books, and is a regular television personality, with multiple appearances on MasterChef and Saturday Kitchen.

We’ve no doubt Vivek will help to bring the best out of Ember Yard, with a fantastic Indian charcoal grill fusion.


Vivek Singh takes up his residency at Ember Yard from the 28th September


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