Chef Rego at Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village Goa

Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village

Chef Rego has been at the Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village in Goa for over 30 years. He is an awesome Goan chef, who knows the exciting cuisine like the back of his hands. His restaurant, The Beach Hut, is a luxurious indoor-outdoor dining experience, backed by the Arabian Sea. It has a terrace with a view you can get lost in and comfy sofas for after dinner reclining.

A walk through the fabulous hotel and swimming pools brings you out near the roaring sea and the restaurant. It’s perfect to sit by the shore, watch the world go by and relish the smell of the spices as they float over from the kitchen.

Chef Rego brought out a Goan feast all on one ginormous plate. It began with a classic Goan fish curry, which was rich with coconut and slightly sour from the tamarind that is used so liberally in this magnificent state. Prawns in a green masala were delicious – spicy and fresh, in their green coriander masala. Classic peri peri prawns were out of this world. Sour, hot, sweet and juicy – put me in a cab, take me to the airport, fly me to Goa, give me these again and you will make my day! Fried pomfret (a type of fish) in a crunchy semolina flour coating was served on a base of sweet onions. One of the chef’s specials was a crab masala that was served in the shell. It was delicate and fiery all at once, it was just too small for a glutton like me.

Goan food is synonymous with fresh flavours and Chef Rego didn’t disappoint, he served his fantastic curries with a fresh salad made from sweetcorn and spinach and another vibrant salad of pineapple, chilli and tomatoes. They freshened everything up, cut through the richness of the masalas and cooled the palate beautifully. It was a fabulous meal in one of the most perfect locations in the world. I can’t recommend it enough.

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