Visit Turkey – MSK’s top 10 Things To Do

If you are thinking of visiting Turkey, or need a reason to visit this fantastic country, then look no further than our ultimate guide of things to do in Turkey.
Flights are quick, the weather is wonderful and the food is rocking. From stunning ancient cities, to idyllic beaches and rugged mountains this country has such a diverse range of things to do, there is so much more to Turkey than just Istanbul – we love it and we can’t wait for you to visit Turkey as well!

Special thanks to, and Local Directorates of Culture and Tourism

What to See

visit turkey cappadociaCappadocia

An unbelievable ancient city cut into the rocks and underground, adorned with Byzantine frescos. Best viewed from a hot air balloon.


Marvel at the ancient Greek ruins of Ephesus, where the remains of the ancient wonder the Temple of Artemis reside.

Sumela Monastry visit turkeySoumela Monastery

Dramatically nestled on a cliff at 3,900ft, the Soumela Monastery on Mela Mountain in north-east Turkey affords spectacular panoramic views. 


Oludeniz is a small village in south-west Turkey, boasts one of the best beaches in the world, which leads to a secluded blue lagoon surrounded by pine trees.

visit turkey cesme Cesme

This seaside resort with miles of sandy beaches on the turquoise Aegean sea, has beautiful Greek buildings and amazing weather most of the year.


A pretty seaside town that is steeped in history, Bodrum has an ancient Greek amphitheatre and a castle that was built by the Crusaders overlooking the harbour. 

visit turkey Akyaka Akyaka

A beautiful little beach town that is a haven for windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding and paragliding. It is more low-key than Bodrum and a real find.

sedir islandSedir Island

This exquisite island, also known as Cleopatra’s Island, has the most incredible beaches, it is believed the sand was brought over from Egypt for Queen Cleopatra to stop her from missing home.

Photo courtesy of Mugla Directorate of Culture and Tourism

visit turkey Pamukkale Pamukkale

Bathe in the hot springs that flow over the snow-white, limestone mineral terraces of this incredible spot. The ice-blue water is said to have medicinal properties to cure all ailments – as well as being utterly relaxing.

visit turkey argiAgri

Rugged plateaus carved out by wind-swept mountains make Agri one of the most dramatic places to visit in Turkey.  It is home to Mount Agri, a dormant volcano that is the highest peak in Turkey, and it is claimed to be the resting place of Noah’s ark.

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