Virgin Galactic

virgin galactic

Take a look at the ultimate travel experience that is literally out of this world with Virgin Galactic.

For thrill seekers across the globe there’s nothing that can top that childhood dream of becoming a real life astronaut. Well now that dream could become a reality, as the countdown to Virgin Galactic’s new space programme is rumoured to blast off this year.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is alleged to be priced around the $250,000 mark, with famous names such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Ashton Kutcher supposedly already in possession of one of these golden tickets. This hefty price tag will also cover a trip to Richard Branston’s famous Necker Island, three days of training with your crew and of course the flight itself.

And here’s where it really gets exciting, as you’re strapped into the 6-seater craft and preparing to be launched into space at three times the speed of light, before reaching the edge of the atmosphere. This is where the gravity switches off and you’re floating in a dream in the deep silence of space. To infinity and beyond!

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