Vietnamese Market Cookbook


Let the sights, sounds and street food of hanoi burst into your kitchen with this epic new book from siblings Van Tran and Ahn Vu.

Vietnamese cooking just got a seriously street makeover as siblings Van Tran and Ahn Vu take food from their stall to your kitchen.

The Vietnamese Market Cookbook is full of authentic Vietnamese recipes brought to you by dynamic duo Van Tran and Ahn Vu, street food traders from downtown Hanoi.

Van and Ahn devoted their lives to making the most unbelievable vietnamese food, using fresh local produce from markets for their street food stall in Hanoi. They have taken the best bits and simplified the recipes for this book, so that you can recreate their fabulous food without racking up the air-miles.

They’ve separated the chapters into five flavours; sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty so you’re always guaranteed a really balanced Vietnamese meal. Each chapter has a huge variety of dishes, so if you’re holding a party or are hurrying about feeding the family they have you covered.

For all you street food lovers, try their prawn pops, served on a stick with a wonderful sweet-spicy syrup. We loved their clever twist on a the family favourite the roast chicken, livened-up with garlic, fish sauce and black pepper, a staple spice in Vietnam.

Van and Ahn undoubtedly have the best Vietnamese food on the market, making this cookbook the easiest way to get an oriental experience in your kitchen.

vietnamese market cookbook

The Vietnamese Market Cookbook by Van Tran and Anh Vu, published by Square Peg

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