The Ultimate Street Food

best street food
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Whether you’re heading to Bogotá to hit the beautiful beaches on the Caribbean coast or jetting off to the slick city of Singapore, make sure that you take the time to indulge in some local street food.
From fluffy sweet doughnuts to savoury sandwiches, we pick out the ultimate street food from around the globe.

Arepas in Bogotá

Bogota street food

With vibrant street art and impressive colonial buildings, there is plenty to see in Bogotá. The streets are lined with places to eat, but it’s the arepas that drive us loco.

Made from corn, these round muffin-like breads are cooked over hot coals until charred and smoky and served on street corners throughout the city. They can be eaten plain, but we think it’s all about the fillings. From fried egg to oozy cheese and unctuous pulled pork, we can’t get enough of these heavenly hand held snacks.

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Arepas in Bogotá

Bun Cha in Ho Chi Minh City

bun cha stret food vietnam


Forget pho, it’s all about bun cha. This savoury soup is served at tiny stalls throughout the bustling city. Once you hear the sizzle of a bbq cooking little pork patties that have been mixed with finely chopped lemongrass and chilli, take a seat (or more like foot stool) and tuck into a bowl of this incredible pork noodle soup.

The broth is light and savoury and heavy with fish sauce. Bowls of fragrant herbs and rice noodles are served with the soup, so you can dress it up as you like.

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Satay in Singapore

satay sticks from Cha Kee Satay in singapore

Whether you’re looking to slurp a bowl of luscious Laksa, dunk fresh roti into a dal or just grab a cheese burger, Singapore is packed with world class culinary delights.

Hawker stalls continue to serve kick ass street food and none are more tasty than the smoky satay sticks from Cha Kee Satay. Get there early and enjoy plates of chicken satay, marinaded with garlic and turmeric, and served with hot peanut sauce and chunks of red onion and cucumber.

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satay sticks from Cha Kee Satay in singapore

Char Kway Teow in Kuala Lumpur

Char Kway Teow in Kuala Lumpur

Night time is when the city comes to life. The Petronas Towers light up and the sides of Jalan Alor street are packed with hungry diners chowing down on sumptuous street food.

Meat sizzles, dumplings steam and curries cook slowly, but it’s the sound of the wok we’re interested in, cooking our favourite noodle dish char kway teow. Fat rice noodles are stir fried with seafood, soy sauce and plenty of Malaysia’s beloved belachan (shrimp paste) to make this delightful dish.

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Char Kway Teow in Kuala Lumpur

Namibian Oysters in Johannesburg


Hop a cab to Neighbourgoods, a Saturday food market in the city centre. You can chow down on anything from local pies to chewy biltong. But it’s the fresh seafood that has got us salivating.

Namibian oysters to be exact. You can knock back six of these whoppers for R65 and if you are feeling frivolous chuck in a glass of fizz for another twenty.

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namibian oysters in south africa

Beignets in Dakar


Jutting out into the turquoise waters of Cape Verde peninsula, Dakar is a vibrant city with bustling streets, magnificent mosques and beautiful beaches.

Head to Ouakam Market and weave through the fish stalls and colourful vegetable stands to find freshly cooked bignets. Fluffy and light, these sweet street food snacks are little French-style doughnuts that are deep fried and served in newspaper, with a dusting of sugar. Utter heaven.

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