Tried and Tested Griddle Pans

griddle pan

We love a chargrilled flavour to our dinner, whether it’s a steak with chimichurri or some lovely halloumi bound for a salad. A mid-week BBQ isn’t always feasible, however, so our trusty griddle pan steps up to the plate for a quick and delicious way to cook almost anything… we also love a griddled lemon wedge on the side of our kebabs! Here are our tried and tested picks of the best griddle pans.

What to See

SX40 Stellar Cast 28cm Griddle PanStellar Cast Griddle Pan

This is a cast iron pan with really high ridges creating those perfect scorch marks.  It’s non-stick, dishwasher and oven safe.


lecreusLe Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Grill

This heavy duty cast iron griddle pan has plenty of cooking space and sturdy handles at either side. It also comes in a range of cool colours to match your kitchen.


John Lewis Speciality Cast Iron Grill PanJL grill

For that cast iron quality without the weighty price tag look no further than the John Lewis Speciality Cast Iron Grill Pan. Simply grills with a long handle, it’s non stick and oven safe, while being compact enough to fit even the smallest kitchen.


Bruno Tonioli 18cm Reversible Griddle Pan_QVC_£25.50_Item Number_801115Bruno Tonioli Hob Cooking

With both a flat and ridged surface this griddle pan works well to sear and chargrill meat and veg. It’s a straight-up, basic large grill pan that’s very easy on the wallet.


Jamie oliverJamie Oliver by Tefal Hard Anodised Grill Pan

A hard, anodised aluminium griddle pan with a nice smooth stainless steel handle. It’s oven safe and suitable for all hob types including induction. Endorsed by the wonderful Jamie Oliver there’s nothing this pro-style griddle pan can’t handle.


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