Tried and Tested Flavoured Milk Chocolate

milk chocolate

We are a nation of milk chocolate lovers. Whether you enjoy it settled in at home whilst sprawled out in front of some blissfully banal comfort viewing, or in slightly higher brow settings (who are we kidding, soap operas FTW), there are few activities more enjoyable than kicking off your heels/ shoes/ clogs and relaxing with a good bar (rather than in one).

So, in light of the undisputed fact that we are indeed ‘koo-koo for cocoa’, we’ve picked out the brightest and best flavoured milk chocolate bars for your ogling pleasure and to inspire your next purchase!

What to See

East India CompanyCinnamon Leaf Milk Chocolate Bar 80g, East India Company

This stuff is amazing. Subtly spiced, lovely and sweet with a totally balanced flavour, it’s dangerously easy to eat, but totally un-regrettable afterwards!

£5 East India Company 

DivineToffee & Sea Salt 100g, Divine

Everyone knows that toffee and salt are delicious together, and those that have tried Divine chocolate know that it is exactly what it says on the wrapper, so you’d think this stuff would be great, right? Well, it is.

£2 Divine Chocolate

Crushed DiamondsCrushed Diamonds 55% cocoa, Chocolate with milk & cacao nibs

Delicious, creamy and very dark (but still milk!) chocolate with dark cacao nibs for an intense chocolate hit and crunchy texture. Very sophisticated. We’re in favour.

£3.20 Chocolate and Love

PrestatPecan and Maple Dream 85g, Prestat

This stuff is so beautifully wrapped, you almost feel bad for unwrapping it. Its super sweet and deliciously delicate flavour reflect the pretty pink box it comes in, encouraging you to savour every bite- which is difficult, because it is really ruddy moreish.

£3.50 Prestat


Devnaa’s exotic chai masala and ginger milk chocolate bar is a very creamy, expertly flavoured alternative to the more mainstream flavoured milk chocolates. Definitely worth a try for those more inclined to a bit of spice in their life.

£4.99 for two Devnaa

Organic seed and beanMilk Chocolate with Tropical Lime and Cornish Sea Salt 85g, Organic Seed and Bean

This snazzy bar was the official chocolate of Glastonbury Festival this year and you can taste why! It’s adventurously flavoured and it totally pays off. Very ethical (fairtrade) too. Well done chaps.

£2.29 Seed and Bean

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