Top Ice Cream Recipes

ice cream recipes

Cool down this summer with a nice cold scoop of everybody’s favourite frozen treat, ice cream!
From luxuriously creamy desserts to refreshing sorbets, we’ve got every flavour you could fancy, so get out your whisks and get freezing. Here are our top 10 ice cream recipes.
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What to See

ice cream recipes Honey Frozen Yoghurt

This creamy dream with gooey honey is perfect for those wanting to cool down without the calories. In fact it’s positively healthy! Made with Greek yoghurt, natural honey, walnuts and dates, you could even have few scoops for breakfast when the sun is shining.

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ice cream recipes Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate has become very poplar recently, as it’s the perfect summer alternative to that ultimate comfort a steaming mug of cocoa. Made with yoghurt and dark chocolate, the only naughty bit about this is the whipped cream and a few cute marshmallows, but we won’t tell if you don’t.

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ice cream recipesPomegranate Sorbet

Okay, we know its not technically ice cream, but sorbet can be just the ticket when its hot outside and refreshment is at the top of the list. This super simple pomegranate version is so easy to make, full of fruity goodness and perfect for a light snack.

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ice cream recipes Mint Chocolate Chip ice Cream

This mint chocolate ice cream recipe is sure to be a firm favourite in the family, as its loaded with sweet chocolate chips, fresh mint and has a luxurious creamy texture that makes one scoop just not enough.

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ice cream recipes Pistachio Ice Cream

Pistachio ice cream is the must have cool down dessert after a deliciously spicy meal. Designed to get the tongue tingling after a curry, pistachio ice cream is sweet, smooth with just a hint of nuttiness. Sprinkle over some chopped nuts for an added crunch.

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ice cream recipes Honeycomb Ice Cream

This honeycomb ice cream recipe is the one to make when you’re in the mood for a little self-indulgence. With smooth ice cream and a little chew from sweet honeycomb, you might want to hide it at the back of the freezer so thieving spoons can’t find it!

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ice cream recipesBlood Orange Sorbet with Champagne

What could be better than a fancy frozen dessert? With fruity sorbet and a dash of bubbly this is the perfect thing to serve up after a summer dinner party or posh picnic. And its super easy too, what’s not to love!

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ice cream recipes Banana Ice Cream

Blending the bananas for this ice cream recipe adds a touch of creaminess to the whole thing, with an intense banana flavour that’s deliciously moreish with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

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ice cream recipes Stem Ginger Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate Sauce

For ice cream with a bit of a bite this stem ginger ice cream is perfect. With a little heat from fresh ginger, and a lot of luxury from a rich chocolate sauce, this is the perfect thing to scoop into a cone before relaxing by a late night summer bonfire.

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ice cream recipes Pineapple and Rum Granita

Granita is a little different from a sorbet, as its chipped into little flakes of ice rather than mixed to create a smooth finish. This pineapple and rum granite has a lovely sweetness from the fruit and a good kick from the rum.

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