Top Chinese Restaurants in London

the best chinese restaurants in London

We asked our favourite bloggers, instagramers and writers where they’re going to be celebrating Chinese New Year. So sit back and get ready for a feast at one of the top chinese restaurants in London.

Hutong at The Shard

hutong restaurant

There are many reasons why I love Hutong at The Shard – the panoramic views from the 33rd floor are spectacular, the décor transports you to an era of Oriental decadence, and the tea based cocktails are just brilliant. But the thing I love most is the delicious food: whether you opt for the tasty dim sum platter for lunch or the authentic Peking duck to share over dinner, for me it’s a clear winner.

Hutong, 31 Saint Thomas Street, London SE1

Clerkenwell Boy, follow him on instagram

Gold Mine

Gold Mine on Queensway may not win any awards for decor, nor seem particularly celebratory, but the food tells a different story. The dishes are behemoth, ensuring that you have to go there with a group of friends or family, making it ideal for Chinese New Year. Roast duck, perfectly lacquered with a shiny skin and insanely delicious fat, needs nothing but a bowl of rice to soak up the anise-scented juices. Their pork belly is also prized. Don’t miss the steamed egg custard; a savoury pannacotta-like dish that is so comforting.

Gold Mine chinese restaurant, 102 Queensway, London W2 3RR

Lizzie Mabbott, her book Chinatown Kitchen is out April 2015

Silk Road

This little gem in Camberwell specialises in Xinjiang cuisine, from Northern China – fiery, spicy and absolutely addictive. I will never tire of sitting down with friends to endless plates of dumplings, spicy cucumber salad, skewers of barbecued lamb fat with cumin, ‘home-style’ cabbage and – best of all – ‘big plate chicken’, a huge bowl of meaty broth, veg and fresh noodles. Even better, I’ve never spent more than £15 in there – a fact honoured by the Observer last year when Silk Road won the Cheap Eats category in the OFM awards.

Silk Road49 Camberwell Church Street, London SE5 8TR

Joel Porter

HKK London

Hkk liverpool Street


HKK in Liverpool Street is my favourite Chinese restaurant. The dishes are all excellent, not only in taste, but also in the way that they are presented to look like pieces of art – the dim sum even comes with a paint brush. The cherry wood roasted Peking duck, served two ways, wrapped in a pancake and as a mound of juicy meat and fatty crackling is divine. It really doesn’t get much better. Go on a Saturday for lunch and opt for the tasting menu when all the suits have departed. Add matching wines and I guarantee you’ll leave a happy bunny.

HKK, 88 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BE 

Jules Pearson, London on the Inside

hong-kong-cityHong Kong City

My favourite Chinese restaurant is Hong Kong City in New Cross. Their selection of dim sum and Cantonese roast meats is fantastic, and it’s where my family celebrates Christmas. I always order cheung fun, which I call Chinese cannelloni in my book NOODLE!, as they’re fat (rice noodle) rolls crammed with goodies such sweet scallops or juicy king prawns.

Hong Kong City, 43 New Cross Road, London SE14 5DS

MiMi Aye, her book Noodle! is out now on Amazon 

Beijing Dumpling

Cheap and cheerful, Beijing Dumpling in Chinatown is our go-to for brilliant mixed-regional Chinese cuisine. Cosy and inviting, BD’s beef ho fun and fried rice dishes boast the subtle smokiness that is characteristic of masterful wok-frying. The silky garlic aubergine is to-die-for, as are the enchantingly paper-thin Shanghai soup dumplings.

Beijing Dumpling 23 Lisle Street, Chinatown, London WC2H 7BA

The Dumpling Sisters, The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook is out in June

Opium Bar

opium bar chinatown

Looking every part the Eastern smoking den, this cosy 25-seater has walls bathed in deep red hues and drinks infused with the fragrants flavours of China. Intimate yet casual it’s heady cocktails and delicious dumplings by candlelight, I love it.

Opium Bar, 5-16 Gerrard Street, London W1D 6JE

Jasmin Phull

Golden Dragon

For a truly authentic Cantonese meal, head to Golden Dragon in China Town. A two-floor tea-house that’s become a go-to lunchtime and dinner spot for hungry locals. With tables laid out in close proximity to queuing diners, and guests loudly chattering as dishes whiz in and out of the kitchen, this is as close to Kowloon as you’ll get in London. Don’t be intimidated by the dishes on offer – pick out one of set menus featuring favourites such as siu mai, char siu bao and stir-fried noodles and you won’t be disappointed.

Golden Dragon, 28-29 Gerrard Street, London W1D 6JW

Anna Dack

Jen’s Café

Dumplings don’t get much better than the meat dumplings, boiled or fried, at this tiny café in Soho. Grab a seat and get ready to pig out, with plates of heavenly hand made pork dumplings. They go straight from a floured table in the corner to a pot in the kitchen, giving them the freshest flavours and perfect soft texture. I love them, doused in masses of spicy chilli oil and far too much soy sauce.

John Gregory-Smith

jens cafe dumplings

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