Top Chicken Recipes

top chicken recipes

Chicken is one of the most popular ingredients to cook with, so we felt it was time to put together out list of the top chicken recipes of all time on the site.
From a creamy chicken tikka masala to a fiery Gung Bao chicken recipe, our top chicken recipes will inspire you to get creative with this simple ingredient.
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What to See

chicken cassoulet recipeChicken Cassoulet

Made with olives, wild mushrooms and fragrant tarragon, this chicken cassoulet is the ultimate one pot dish. The cannellini beans soak up all the sauce and make it perfect for a lazy weekend dinner.

Read full recipe here

Garlicy Chicken PoussinsGarlicy Chicken Poussins

Made with loads of melted butter and fresh herbs, get ready to drool over this fabulous chicken recipe. The poussins are spatchcocked so that they cook really quickly and stay joyously juicy.

Read full recipe here

top chicken recipesChermoula Chicken

With spicy harissa, cooling mint yoghurt and loads of fantastic chermoula seasoning this chicken is one of the most flavourful recipes you’ll find. You can buy harissa ready made, but nothing beats the flavour (and aroma!) or a home made version.

Read full recipe here 

top chicken recipesSaffron Roast Chicken with Jewelled Couscous

Roasted in fragrant saffron for a Middle Eastern flavour and gorgeous golden colour, this chicken dish is prefect for a spicy twist on a Sunday lunch. The jewelled couscous side dish should be packed with dried fruit and nuts for texture and sweetness.

Read full recipe here

top chicken recipesJapanese Chicken with Smashed Cucumber

Diana Henry’s Japanese chicken is a symphony of texture when eaten with the juicy smashed cucumber. The chicken itself is cooked in authentic Asian flavours for a sticky sweet glaze that goes perfectly with the refreshing cucumber.

Read full recipe here 

top chicken recipes Atul Kochhar’s Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a proper Anglo-Indian treat from Atul Kochhar. His Chicken tikka masala curry is rich and creamy with a lovely hint of chilli, it is one of the best chicken recipes out there!

Read the full recipe here 

top chicken recipes Gung Bao Chicken Stir Fry

This is a classic sichuan stir fry, with lots of chilli and sichuan peppercorns is from our editor’s fab cook book Mighty Spice Cookbook.

Read full recipe here

chicken recipesChicken Wraps with Hummus

These gorgeous chicken wraps are full to the brim with bold flavours and spices. The juicy chicken is grilled to perfection in it’s marinade before being sliced and slathered in nutty hummus, then wrapped in a soft tortilla for a healthy and delicious lunch.

Read full recipe here

top chicken recipes Spicy Smoked Roast Chicken

This awesome spin on a classic roast chicken, from the fabulous Pitt Cue Co. cookbook is laden with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and oregano. It is a classic chicken recipe.

Read full recipe here

best chicken recipes Indian Chicken Kebabs

Fast and simple to make, tasty and delicious to eat – perfect combo, from our fave Indian food blogger Nisha Kotona.

Read full recipe here 

top chicken recipes Korean Fried Chicken

Sticky sweet chicken wings with sesame seeds and soy sauce from Leeimei Tan. These Korean fried chicken wings are so moreish its unbelievable, we love them.

Read full recipe here

top chicken recipes Peruvian Pollo con Cola

Make chicken interesting with this top chicken recipe from Martin Morales and his Ceviche cookbook

Braised in cola, soy and spices, this awesome chicken recipe is so easy to make and a real crowd pleaser.

Read full recipe here 

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