Our Top 10 Winter Warmer Recipes

winter warmers

When the weather is being typically British and your jumpers haven’t seen the cupboard for a while there’s nothing better then settling down with a delicious bowl of comfort food.
From sumptuous stews to a warming mug of tea we have you covered. Here’s our picks for our top 10 winter warmer recipes.
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What to See

winter warmer recipesSpicy Chicken Risotto

A creamy risotto is the ultimate comfort food, and with the spicy chicken added this recipe will warm you up in an instant. This recipe uses barley, but if you’re in need of a bowl fast and only have rice that will work just as well.

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winter warmer recipesMeatball Tagine

With tender meatballs and a thick richly spiced sauce all this gorgeous tagine needs is some flatbreads. For added luxury crack an egg into the pan towards the end of cooking and wait for the yolk to be just runny.

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winter warmer recipesPot Roast Chicken

Pot roasting is a great way of getting really tender meat every time, and this wonderful chicken version delivers just that. With lots of filling veg and some delicious spices this is the perfect winter warmer.

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winter warmer recipesBeef Rendang

This classic malaysian dish is packed full of hot chillies, thick sauce and succulent beef. We can’t recommend this enough on a cold night using Sunday night leftovers with a fluffy warmed flat bread.

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winter warmer recipesPork with Clams and Cider

This wonderful bowl has everything you could want. Soft pork braised in delicious juices, mixed with sharp apple cider and topped off with fresh sweet clams. Pass the baguette!

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winter warmer recipesPot Roasted Pollock

Packed full of spicy chorizo, sweet tomatoes and filling chick peas, this Pollock recipe is a delicious but surprisingly simple winter warmer. Just pop it in the oven until the fish flakes and voila!

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winter warmer recipesAfrican Fish Curry

Fish curry is a fantastic winter warmer as the delicate fish takes on all the heat from the spices. We love this with some flatbreads or a big pile of fluffy rice spiked with sweet roasted garlic.

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winter warmer recipesVegetarian Thai Green Curry

With loads of crunchy veg, a huge variety of delicious spices and a creamy coconut sauce, we don’t think there are any other adjectives out there that go hand in hand with the idea if comfort food.

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winter warmer recipesMasala Chai Tea

A spiced mug of wonderfully spiked chai tea could be just what you need on a cold and wintry day. Serve steaming cups of this creamy tea with pistachio biscuits for a wonderful afternoon treat.

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winter warmer recipesRice Pudding with Pomegranate

Rice pudding is perfect when the weather is less than enticing, as it’s super filling, an indulgence for your sweet tooth and deliciously creamy. This version is spiked with juicy pomegranate and crunchy pistachios for an extra level of special.

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