Top 10 Jazzed Up Roast Dinner Recipes

Top 10 Jazzed Up Roast Dinners | Roast Dinner Recipes

A Sunday roast with all the trimmings is a great British tradition, but you don’t always have to stick to the rules to create an amazing family meal.
There is loads of stuff you can do to add a little spice to your Sunday, the only ingredient you’re missing is some inspiration! Well look no further as we’ve rounded up ten recipes that will make Bisto cower in fear. Here’s our guide to a jazzed up roast dinner recipes.

What to See

roast dinnerRoast chicken with a chickpea stuffing

A twist on a classic, the chickpeas in the stuffing absorbs all those gorgeous juices from the bird and lends a wonderful nutty flavour to the whole meal.

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roast dinnerBeef wellington

A real showstopper, this beef wellington looks beautiful carved at the table as you crack through the buttery pastry and reveal the tender pink beef.

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roast dinnerSpicy spatchcock chicken

With soft meat, a crispy skin and a serious kick this spatchcock chicken won’t be forgotten easily!

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roast dinnerStuffed pork fillet

This delicious pork fillet is rolled with a beautiful stuffing that has an Italian edge from the inclusuion of Parmesan and fresh thyme.

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roast dinnerWild thyme chicken

The thyme on this roast is really fragrant and compliments the mild chicken perfectly. Plus it will make the house smell amazing when it’s roasting!

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roast dinnerFillet of beef mezze

This beautiful mezze take fillet of beef to a whole other level and encourages everybody to tuck in. What more could you want?

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roast dinnerPot roast chicken

Pot roasting is a great way to keep everything tender as it allows the bird to steam in it’s own delicious juices.

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roast dinnerRoast pork belly

Guaranteed to produce soft meat and crispy crackling every time this pork belly is a real winner. Serve it up with spicy Asian coleslaw for a different Sunday dinner.

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roast dinnerSpicy smoked chicken

This roast chicken is so full of flavour, and the leftovers make a killer curry on Monday.

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roast dinnerKorean roast lamb

Slow roasting lamb is a sure fire way to have pull apart meat every time. The Korean spices in this dish make it a really different dish perfect for summer.

View full recipe here

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