Top 10 Cocktails

top 10 cocktails

Who out there doesn’t like a good cocktail? Cocktails can be enjoyed in any situation, at a party, at a BBQ, as a light pre-dinner drink, we can’t think of a situation when a cocktail isn’t appropriate.
It’s time to dust off the cocktail shaker and make like a real mixologist.We’ve rounded up our favourite easy and delicious drinks, from a classic cosmopolitan to a super chic espresso martini it’s al here! Here are our top 10 cocktails.
Pair your chosen cocktail with these fiery chicken tostadas, the perfect party snack.

What to See

top 10 cocktailsEspresso Martini

One of our favourites here at ETL, this espresso martini has a gorgeous smooth texture and a delicious sweet flavour. Careful though, the coffee tricks you into thinking the alcohol isn’t there, but trust us, it is!

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top 10 cocktailsMargarita

A fabulous drink for a fiesta, this delicious margarita replaces triple sec with agave syrup for a lovely sweetness, balanced beautifully by the sharp limes.

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top 10 cocktailsManhattan

Inspired by its famous namesake city, a Manhattan cocktail is the perfect start to any party. Serve in a chilled glass and let the drink speak for itself, it’s not called a classic for nothing.

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top 10 cocktailsGin Fizz

This beautiful cocktail adds extra sparkle to any occasion. The fragrant gin compliments a fruity champagne perfectly, so keep some bottles spare as this one will be popular.

Read full recipe here 


Made famous by the glamourous girls on Sex in The City, a Cosmopolitan cocktail is the perfect way to start a night. Sweet with a delicious tang, stock up on the cranberry juice, they’re going to be in high demand!

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top 10 cocktailsMint Julep

Refreshing, tangy and sweet, a mint julep is perfect after a really heavy meal. The mint really lifts the sweet bourbon when it’s poured over loads of ice, we also love this as an aperitif to accompany a fully loaded charcuterie board.

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top 10 cocktailsLemongrass and Ginger Rum Cocktail

The fragrant lemongrass and spicy ginger are balanced perfectly in this amazing cocktail. The spices included make this a wonderful festive drink, perfect for relaxing with family on Boxing Day.

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top 10 cocktailsPineapple and Rum Granita

This delicious refreshing granita is a wonderful palate cleanser after a big meal, as it’s tangy and light but still has a great kick from the rum. Think of it as one of those slushie ice drinks you had as a kid, but with a far more adult feel.

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top 10 cocktailsBlood Orange Sorbet and Champagne

Okay, we admit it, this isn’t technically a cocktail, but who cares when it’s this delicious? The blood orange sorbet melts into the bubbly champagne, making it a fun dessert and drink all in one.

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top 10 cocktail recipesHibiscus Flower Water

The ultimate mocktail, hibiscus water is light, refreshing, sweet and totally easy to tweak. Add a squeeze of lime for a fantastic tang, or, if you’re feeling in the party mood, add a shot of vodka to create a lovely cocktail.

Read full recipe here 

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