Thermae Bath Spa

thermae bath spa

Hannah Thompson felt enlivened and truly relaxed after a visit to Thermae Bath Spa.

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The original spa town Aquae Sulis, as Bath was known in Roman times, is still a thriving centre for people looking to take the healing waters. No longer able to plunge into the Roman with its iconic columns and statues, the action now all takes place at nearby Thermae Bath Spa. This ultra modern spa has everything you need for a relaxing day out, from delicious lunch offerings to sensational rooftop spa.

The spa is set out over several floors and once we’d donned our white robes and slippers we took the lift all the way to that open-air rooftop pool. On this particularly sunny April afternoon the pool was sublime. The perfectly warm waters were gently bubbling away as people lolled on floatable tubes and allowed those natural spa waters to work wonders on stresses and strains.

Time seemed to pass unnoticed for at least an hour, but soon our stomachs were indicating it was time for a little refuel.

A quick pitstop in the light and airy dining room at Thermae Bath Spa was all we needed some healthy juices packed with fresh fruit and veg and energising ginger followed by some simple and healthy lunches of sandwiches of smoked salmon and ham with a crunchy cauliflower piccalilli.

The sense of calm now truly sweeping over us it was time for the element of the spa day I was most looking forward to a massage in the blissful treatment rooms. To the soundtrack of natural sounds and plinking meditation bells my masseuse worked wonders on my extremely tense shoulders. She used some tension relieving gels on my neck and shoulders and worked her healing hands down my back, arms and ended on my head. I was near catatonic by the end of the session when she went through some problem areas with me and suggested some ways to relieve stress.

Walking out of the treatment rooms in a soporific haze I needed to get the circulation going with some of the more ritualistic side of proceedings. We went to the sauna and steam floor, where there were four separate rooms around a central rain shower. Each room had a different temperature and aromatherapy scent, such as eucalyptus or orange, and we worked our way alternating hot steamy pore-opening rooms with ice-cold rain shower blasts.

At the end of the day we couldn’t believe over three hours had passed in the delightful Thermae Bath spa. My skin felt enlivened, my muscles were more relaxed than they had been in years and my mind was truly rejuvenated.

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Photos of Thermae Bath Spa by Grimshaw/Edmund Sumner and Matt Cardy

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