The Supper Club London

The Supper Club London

John Gregory-Smith was wowed with delight at The Supper Club London

The smiley face who had just opened the door led us into a massive open plan kitchen with two tables, twinkling in candle light, packed with hungry diners ready to tuck into a British feast.

We had just arrived at a The Supper Club London on a leafy street in Balham, hosted by John in his beautiful house. We took our seats, poured glasses of chilled chilled Peroni Nastro Azzurro Alta – their new sharing bottle – and got chatting to our neighbours.

The Supper Club LondonI sat next to a lovely couple; a private chef with a passion for Japanese food and his partner who was Italian and loved to eat out. We were always going to be friends, especially when she told me Indian was one of her favourite foods. We chatted about eating, cooking and the best restaurants in London.

John brought out a generous starter of smoked haddock rarebit pie. It was pungent and creamy, with a punchy tomato and chilli jam. This was proper pub-grub, beautifully cooked and polished off in seconds by the entire room.

A lecturer by trade, John had retired a few years ago with plans of leaving London to open and small B & B with his wife. A grandchild came along and the couple decided to stay put, so John set up his supper club so that he could get creative in the kitchen, and thank god he did.

Inspired by his travels (John lived in France, Morocco and Singapore), his sold out supper clubs take on a different theme each month. As we topped up our glasses of Peroni, several of my fellow diners excitedly told me that they lived nearby and had read about the supper club in the paper.

The Supper Club LondonNext we ploughed into plates of sticky pork belly, sliced thickly and covered in a zesty marmalade glaze, served with a vibrant yellow butternut squash mash. A slick of light meaty gravy worked beautifully with the tender pork.

Dessert was an impressive mix of pillowy soft, marshmallowy meringues that were slightly scorched for texture and served on top of a tart lime custard, which had been infused with ginger for a warming depth and a fierce crating of lime.


Eat Travel Live was invited by Peroni Nastro Azzurro to celebrate the launch of their Alta sharing bottle.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro launches their second bottle innovation – Alta – the new 750ml sharing bottle created to be enjoyed, together. Created with Italian passion and attention to detail the 750ml bottle brings Italian style to your dining table.

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