The Noodle House

the noodle house

Get your chopsticks ready for The Noodle House on Shaftsbury Avenue.

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the noodle houseChoose your noodle and have it your way, stir fried to perfection in a Malaysian Char Kway Teow or in a creamy Thai curry sauce. Feeling Zen like? Then try the spicy pork tom yum soup and feel instantly better.

With a selection of small plates to choose from, including wasabi prawns, steamed duck dumplings and their incredible Cantonese roast duck, The Noodle House has loads of delicious extras to have with your noodles.

After oodles of noodles, head to the cheeky little downstairs bar for cocktail from Indonesian brothers and Metro’s Young British Foodies winners, Platterform. Sip on a moonshadow made with vodka and jasmine or linger over a Lucky Sling, with kaffir lime gin and star fruit juice.

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