The Manhattan Project at POND

The Manhattan Project at POND

The Manhattan Project brings revamped classic cocktails to East London joint POND

We love a good residency, it’s a great way for two foodie places to bounce off of each other and helps new people to discover their offerings all in one go!

This autumn The Manhattan Project, founded by Felix Cohen, brings classic cocktails “done right” to the East London Hawaiian restaurant POND.

The Manhattan Project began in a basement in the bar Off Broadway, and specialises in adding fun twists to classic drinks. The cocktail menu will include thirst quenchers such as Pina Collider, an updated version of that summer favourite with condensed milk and lime, Sex on the Beach, that’s given an amusing spin with the syrup of canned peaches, and of course a fantastic house Manhattan.

The drinks are complemented with a new bar food menu of island-themed bites from seaweed salad, and charred avocado to Kahlua pork and hurricane popcorn.

We love a cocktail, and we love a beach, what better way to keep the summer going a little longer?

The Manhattan Project at POND runs from the 4th September for 3 months.


Pond Dalston – G2, Stamford Works, 3 Gillett St, London N16 8JH


Words by Patrick Hamilton Courtney – follow him on Instagram @patrickcourtneyldn and twitter @pcourtneyldn

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