The Joint Marylebone

The joint restaurant marylebone

Lucy Self visits The Joint in Marylebone for some good, ol’ fashioned BBQ

The joint restaurant marylebone

Just when you think Londoner’s have had it up to their eyeballs with barbecue, another whiff of slow-cooked pork shoulder hits the streets. Like burgers before it and fried chicken after, this is a trend that trundles on blithely ignoring saturation point.

When the grill in question is a good one, this is no bad thing. Which brings us nicely to The Joint in Marylebone, the newish (opened at the tail end of last year) second branch of the popular barbecue restaurant in Brixton from Daniel Fiteni and Warren Dean.

Situated in the stylish surrounds of New Cavendish St, The Joint Marylebone’s interior is a rough amongst diamonds – all chipper board wall panels, long plain benches and a few strings of lights – but is all the better for it. We visited on a weekday lunchtime so can’t account for the atmosphere of an eve, but on the week before Christmas it was bustling (no doubt with nearby office workers drowning their post-party hangovers in barbecue sauce).

The joint restaurant marylebone

The new outpost of The Joint brings with it all the usual deep-south suspects: pulled pork, chicken wings and slow-braised short rib. We sampled a shredded chicken wrap stuffed with a crunchy slaw and dripping in the aforementioned barbecue sauce and the beef rib burger. The latter is the dish to order – the meat melded just enough, pepped up with aioli, bacon relish and served in a well-baked potato bun which held its insides impressively.

Our onion rings and fries were served rather sweetly in paper bags with handwritten labels (not a new quirk, but a good un’) and were hot, crisp and damn right delicious once scattered with chilli salt and doused more of that spicy homemade barbecue sauce. As you would expect from any half decent example of by his culinary genre, there’s also an impressive selection of craft beers and decent cocktails.

The team behind The Joint has been clever taking the site in Marylebone. Being the only ones serving barbecue in the area (if our visit was anything to go by) seems to have already gained them fans from nearby offices. This isn’t destination stuff, but it’s a solid and good value choice for a casual lunch or dinner.

The Joint Marylebone, 19 New Cavendish Street

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