The Fabulous Baker Brothers

the fabulous baker brothers

In The Know – travel notes from our favourite chefs.

We asked Henry Herbert of The Fabulous Baker Brothers to tell us more about where he likes to eat, drink and be merry. Henry and his brother Tom shot to fame with their Channel 4 series. The guys released their second book The Fabulous Baker Brothers: Glorious British Grub earlier this year.
  • What is your favourite city right now? Bristol, my home town.
  • Why do you love it? It’s got so much vibrancy and culture and the food scene is massively taking off.
  • Where do you refuel in the morning? Boston Tea Party in White Ladies do a mean baked eggs and chorizo.
  • Tell us a hidden gem? I love it around Montpelier, my grandad had a bakery there so it always brings back fond memories.
  • Where is the best market? St Nicholas market has lots of tasty food.
  • Top street-food eat? Grill Stock for their pulled pork bun. Especially naughty
  • Best place for a sunset drink? I love it by the docks so a few drinks in Riverstation is always a treat. It is also the first kitchen I ever worked in. I was 13
  • What restaurant do you book every time? The Ethicurean is a real gem. A great team and amazing food. The pork belly cooked over night with quince and coriander crackling and a smoked old fashioned is high on the list.
  • Best spot for something sweet? Arch House Deli
  • What gadget won’t you leave home without?  Twitter, it’s the best way of finding out where to go without the need of a guide book.


the fabulous baker brothers

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