The Duck and Champagne menu at HKK

HKK restaurant | 88 Worship St, London EC2A 2BE

A mouthwatering new menu at the home of fine Cantonese dining.

For almost 3 years, HKK has quietly set the standard for those looking to enjoy a Modern Cantonese meal in refined surroundings.

The Duck and Champagne menu has been created around Executive Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee’s signature dish – cherry wood roasted Peking duck. The entire experience is designed to impress, and considering it’s priced at £49 per person for the tasting menu and a bottle of champagne to share, it’s also a bit of a steal.

The meal begins with a little bit of theatre; a salad of blue crab that arrives at the table enveloped in what seems to be its very own cloud. This is served in two parts – a healthy hunk of crab meat sitting atop an endive, a bitter leaf that works so well with the sweet crab. Beneath this a posh prawn cracker, adorned with dragon fruit and herbs, a delicate palate cleanser that sets the stage for the main event.

The cooked duck is then brought out on a serving trolley and promptly parked right next to your table. With immaculate white gloves and a huge cleaver, their chef elegantly slices the duck, carving two plates worth of meat in less than a minute.

The duck itself gathers a hint of sweetness from the Cherry wood.  We devour plates of the stuff, dipping it first into cane sugar and then their mouth puckering house-made xo sauce. A second serving of the duck is brought out, this time with sesame pancakes and sliced leeks.


HKK restaurant | 88 Worship St, London EC2A 2BE


Just when we thought we’d hit our limit, another pot of Duck and abalone stock arrives and is mixed in front of us with egg fried rice, topped with beads of imperial caviar.

I should also make mention of the champagne. What initially seemed as a gimmick was in fact a very well thought out through marriage. The acidity of the champagne is the perfect foil for cutting through the rich and tender slices of duck.

To finish, there’s Nashi pear and Champagne mousse, served with champagne sorbet and spun cotton candy, bejeweled with edible gold leaf (of course).


HKK restaurant – 88 Worship St, London EC2A 2BE

Words and pictures Louis Fernando. You can catch him tweeting @tuckandvine

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