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The Bowler | 1 Monmouth Street London WC2H 6DA

The Bowler

Street food master Jez Felwick teams up with Polpo founders Russell Norman and Richard Beatty to launch meatball shop The Bowler.

A new meatball take-out joint is set to open in Seven Dials this October, it comes to us from Jez Felwick who has made a name for himself in the world of ball-shaped meat with his street food van ‘The Lawn Ranger’ that served meatballs up and down the country at festivals and food markets.

For his first bricks and mortar operation he calls on the expertise of Russell Norman, to whom meatballs are a classic favourite on the menus of his Polpo group restaurants.

The Bowler will serve breakfast lunch and dinner, and at lunch time for those in a rush there will be an express lane – ‘The Fast Bowler Hatch’ that’ll vanquish your waiting time. Dishes include the Brunch Bowler – bacon meatballs with rosti and beans, the PitBall – served inside a pitta, and The Ball Box – meatballs on top of salad or a side such as steamed long grain rice.

Meatballs come in a variety of choices including Chorizo and Cheddar, Beef Chuck, ‘Balafal’ for the vegetarians, lamb and feta kofta, chicken with green chilli or the ‘Curve Ball’ – a changing monthly special.

They’ll be a bunch of craft beers and drinks on offer from old supplier friends of Jez’s such as The Wild Beer Company, Tyskie, Cawston Press Juices, and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. 

Meatballs are hearty and delicious, just what you need this time of year, and under the expert guidance of Russell Norman, The Bowler can’t go wrong.


The Bowler – 1 Monmouth Street London WC2H 6DA 

Opens 7th October 2015


Words by Patrick Hamilton Courtney, follow him on Instagram @patrickcourtneyldn or twitter @pcourtneyldn

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