The Blue Lotus at Carousel

The Blue Lotus

Shuttlecock Inc. launch a modern opium den, The Blue Lotus, at Carousel in Marylebone.

Harking back to the decadent, lustful days of 19th century San Francisco, Shuttlecock Inc. – the creatives behind award winning pop ups such as Mile High and The Great Indian Peninsula Railway – have been inspired to recreate the glamour and mystique of the old opium dens for just four days in the downstairs space at Carousel.

The immersive experience will combine food, drink, design, and performance aiming to transport attendees back in time to the 1870s when seedy back street lounges were a popular past time for Chinese and Americans alike.

One of the most infamous of these gambling and prostitution dens was named The Blue Lotus, a hub of crime, and secrecy where villains and scoundrels would gather to smoke and drink until they forgot. Shuttlecock will recreate the den, allowing guests to experience the mood with smoky cocktails and traditional dim sum, all whilst taking part in entertainment inspired by the era.

The den will be created downstairs at Carousel. Guests will first eat their way through a Chinese food market where they can feast on dim sum, then they’ll be lead through a Chinese laundry to enjoy all the sinful delights on the other side!

For a night of insalubrious adventure, The Blue Lotus has to be one to add to the diary.


The Blue Lotus will be open from the 30th September until the 3rd October. Tickets are £38 and include a welcome drink, entertainment and dim sum throughout the evening.


Words by Patrick Hamilton Courtney, follow him on Instagram @patrickcourtneyldn or twitter at @pcourtneyldn

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