The Best Coffee in London

the best coffee in london

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Coffee nerds are everywhere in London, we’ve wised up to the superior flavours to be found in a proper espresso. We want to know where our beans are from, we want them roasted on site and we want them ground specifically for our cup of coffee, and we want some beautiful foam top artistry. Thankfully London has some top notch coffee hot spots to sate our desires.

With Coffee Week just around the corner we couldn’t think of a better excuse to round up our favourite places to get a cup of this unbeatable beverage. Here’s our guide to the best coffee in London.

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Workshop Coffee

Workshop Coffee has a very simple ethos towards coffee: start from the beginning and work your way up. They buy their beans in the purest form, as green seeds, before roasting each individual blend to get the perfect balance of flavour.

Foxcroft and Ginger

This charming little Soho gem is well-known for churning out fresh bread and pizzas, but we’ll be damned if we pass through Berwick Street without popping in for a much needed cup of Joe. They only use purified water to get the smoothest coffee possible, now that’s dedication to coffee!

the best coffee in london

Thank you to Caravan Coffee for the use of this image.  


Ozone started its coffee journey when founders Jamie and Karen Hodson were helping communities that worked in the surrounding coffee plantations. From then on they decided to put roasting coffee with ethics at the centre of their success.

Nude Espresso

We all know that a good cup of coffee can have a bitter aftertaste if it’s rushed down instead of enjoyed with some well-deserved relaxation time, and there’s no better place in the capital to do that than down at Nude Espresso. All their coffee (and cakes!) are prepared from scratch each morning.


Not only are that lovely lot at Grind producing their own coffee, they’re also selling it by the bag and serving it up at their café in one of the best flat whites you can get your hands on. And between you and me the foam art the baristas conjure up in the café are worth a visit alone!


For a restaurant where the coffee is as important as the food look no further than Caravan. They roast green coffee from around the world in small batches so they have complete control over the quality, with their espressos changing seasonally so you’re always guaranteed to have the best morning pick-me-up possible.

Taped and Packed

Taped and Packed have two ambitions for their coffee, for their quality ingredients to speak for themselves and their baristas craftsmanship to be recognised and above all appreciated. You’ll never set foot in a Starbucks again!


There aren’t many coffee shops out there that go through great lengths to work so closely with their growers as Allpress. They source their Arabica beans from small estates where the growers and pickers know their coffee better than they know themselves, after all good coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle!

Federation Coffee

Federation coffee are forever changing their blends so you’re guaranteed to have a different cup every time you visit. They roast all of their coffee in Brixton, so it goes from bean to cup with very little interference in-between.


This is the place where real dedicated coffee fans go for their refreshment. Monmouth are well established in the capital as some of the best coffee out there, and it’s hardly surprising given the fact they are constantly on the look out for new blends that will make their drinks shine.

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