Texas Joe’s BBQ


Say a big ol’ howdy to Texas Joe and his Brewdog pop-up – Yeehaw!

texas joesTexas Joe has brought his Southern charm across the pond, all the way to Shoreditch for the launch of Texas Joe’s BBQ.

Brewdog played host to the fantastic opening where there was only one thing on the mind – BBQ.  Through a hidden door in the bar was a secret BBQ room that could have been straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie, with lovely oaky smells that had noses high in the air faster than you can say giddy-up!

Greeted by the cowboy himself, and an great big Old Fashioned on the rocks it was southern hospitality at its finest. The underground room had a fantastic buzzing atmosphere, with old liquor bottles and horse shoes scattered on wooden shelves, as you’d expect in any good saloon.

The main event was the food. A selection of Texas Joe’s BBQ, all specially smoked for hours, over oak until beautifully succulent and full of classic southern flavour. The brisket was definitely our favourite, perfectly tender and pulled apart onto thick white bread.

For more information visit texas-joes.com or follow the cowboy himself on twitter @TexasJoes

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