Tex Mex Recipes

tex mex recipes

Tex Mex, for those who don’t know, is the mouth-watering combination of good old-fashioned American fast food with the salivating spiciness of traditional Mexican cuisine.
It’s the perfect food to have when friends are over and the beers are flowing, so we’ve rounded up our top 10 favourite recipes for your mouth-watering convenience. Here’s our guide to cooking tex mex.
Wash down these delicious tex mex recipes with a few shots of our favourite tequila’s.

What to See

tex mex recipesPhilly Cheese Steak Wraps

A Philly cheese steak is a classic American creation, but put all that meaty cheesy goodness in a wrap and you have a tex-mex sensation! For a little more of Mexican influence, crack out the sour cream and salsa.

Read full recipe here 

tex mex recipesBBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, with soft tender meat, a drippy BBQ sauce and loads of slaw. This particularly juicy sandwich is packed with spice, taking the tex mex factor to the max.

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesChilli Con Carne

Our friends in the South of the states know a thing or two about the perfect chilli con carne. Taking inspiration from their Mexican border buddies they created this ultimate spicy mince dish packed with warming spices all that’s needed now is a few tortilla chips.

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesMexican Burger

Take a burger, the definitive staple of American food, slather it in spicy Mexican salsa, lime spiked guacamole and sour cream and wrap it all in a tortilla and you have one of the best tex mex meals we can think of.

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tex mex recipesPulled Pork Tacos

We’ve already established that pulled pork is one of the best foodie sensations to come from the states, but what makes it even better is pimping it up with Mexican spices and sides, and piling it into a crispy taco shell. The ultimate fiesta food.

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesChorizo Burger

We love chorizo in anything, but we must admit we get a bit ‘yee-haw’ happy over this incredible spicy burger recipe. And why wouldn’t we? Mixing a classic American burger with this spicy Mexicano-style sausage is the best way to get a little tex mex in your life.

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesBeef Fajitas

Could it get any more tex mex than a big platter of sizzling steak fajitas? We don’t think so either, that’s why we just love Rachel Allen’s delicious seared beef fajitas, packed with traditional black beans and creamy guac.

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesChicken Quesadillas

Juicy grilled chicken in a soft tortilla wrap, oozing with melting cheese and zinging with some chilli, these chicken quesadillas couldn’t get any more tex mex if they tried… unless you add that staple condiment guacamole, which of course you will!

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesFish tacos

It is a well-known fact that anything in a tortilla counts as tex mex, including these rather delightful, and happily healthy, fish tacos. Slathered in spicy tomato salsa, they’re rather wonderful with a squeeze of lime and maybe a few shots of tequila (we won’t tell if you don’t).

Read full recipe here

tex mex recipesGuacamole

The king of the tex mex condiments is of course a good bowl of guacamole. We absolutely forbid you to buy store bought, especially with this super easy and utterly delicious recipe, topped with crumbly feta and a few pomegranate seeds. Nacho time we think!

Read full recipe here

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