Tefal Ingenio Cookware Range

tefal ingenio saucepan set

Small city kitchens get ready to start cooking again with new Tefal Ingenio cookware range.
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For anyone living in a small apartment in London or if your kitchen is blessed with no storage space, Tefal have created the ultimate cookware range for you.

Available as enamel or induction, the new Tefal Ingenio cookware range gives you the flexibility to own a fabulous set of saucepans, chef’s pans and frying pans that stack neatly together and fit into the smallest of spaces.

The pans don’t have handles. They come with an extremely sturdy clip on handle, one size fits all so that you can use it as you need to and pop any of the pans into a hot oven and remove the handle so it stays cool.

Expertly designed, the pans have a great weight to them and can really take the heat in the kitchen. They feature Tefal’s red spot technology for optimum temperature cooking and the non stick finish means you won’t have any nasty surprises when you are preparing something eggie for your brunch.

The entire Tefal Ingenio range is dishwasher safe and they come with fridge safe lids, so that you can pop any leftovers into the fridge or freezer until you are hungry again.

Tefal Ingenio range starts from £25-£250 from John Lewis 

tefal ingenio saucepan set

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