Taste altering café at The Attendant

Taste Altering Cafe

Launching for a limited time only at the end of the month is London’s first flavour altering café hosted by blue Cigs at The Attendant.

We are all for supporting anything that helps people to quit smoking, and eCigarettes have become a popular method for weening smokers off the real thing. Coming at the end of September, a café will pop up inspired by the “vape café” concept that will offer a limited edition menu of flavour altering foods inspired by the flavours of blu eCigs.

After The Attendant – a Victorian public convenience turned artisan espresso bar – closes, the Taste The Season Café takes over which will serve diners a meal where traditionally bitter and sour foods become sweet and delicious. Lemons, natural yoghurt, and black espresso become palatable and sweet.

Here’s the science-y bit – organisers will make use of the science behind Miraculin (commonly known as the miracle berry), which is a natural taste-modifier that binds on the tongue to heighten sweet taste receptors and send signals to the brain to cover sour flavours with sweet ones.

For each espresso purchased, customers will be given a miraculin tablet, an eCigarette and a sample plate of sour tastes to test out the science. We’re told that plain natural yoghurt magically tastes like vanilla ice cream, lemons become as syrupy as lemonade and there’ll be no need for any sugar in the espresso.

Food gimmicks can be great fun, and anything that helps to encourage people towards a more healthy lifestyle has our vote!


The event will run at The Attendant from the 28th to the 30th September 2015 from 6:30-8:30pm.



Words by Patrick Hamilton Courtney, follow him on Instagram @patrickcourtneyldn or Twitter @pcourtneyldn

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