Tapas Revolution by Omar Allibhoy

Tapas Revolution is the latest cookbook by Omar Allibhoy

Omar Allibhoy is on a mission to bring Spanish food into our kitchens with his latest book Tapas Revolution.

Tapas Revolution is a collection of Omar’s simple recipes aimed at making Spanish food as accessible and simple as Italian or French.

The young restaurant chef, who is the owner of Tapas Revolution in Westfield, is looking to inspire us all with his passion for Spanish food. He delights in the simplicity of the dishes and the quality of the ingredients.

Tapas Revolution is packed with mouth-watering recipes split into simple chapters, including fish, meat and vegetables. Omar’s fabulous recipes include Huevos Estrellados – a new MSK weekend essential; Chicken with Spanish olives and rosemary; classic peas with Serrano ham and eggs; and delicious chocolate Churros.

tapas revolution  Omar Allibhoy

Tapas Revolution by Omar Allibhoy published by Ebury Press, £20

For more information visit tapasrevolution.com

Available to buy on Amazon

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