Sweet Mandarin Cookbook

sweet mandarin

For failsafe Chinese food on every page there’s no better book to go to than Helen and Lisa Tse’s ‘Sweet Mandarin’.

You may recognise Helen and Lisa Tse from their rather colourful TV cv, appearing on The F Word as Gordon Ramsey’s pick for the best local Chinese, and their inventive prowess for gluten-free, kosher and vegan sauces that secured their place on the Dragons Den wall of fame. But their not stopping there, as they’ve just published their first cookbook named after their Ramsey- approved restaurant ‘Sweet Mandarin’.

Packed full of delicious recipes passed down through their family, this book varies from Chinese recipes we all know and love alongside some less familiar dishes guaranteed to impress. The chapters cover everything from stocks and sauces that feature in many of the recipes to some inviting exotic cocktails.

To try your hand at traditional dumplings take a look at the delicious recipe for homemade open topped pork siu mai. These tender little morsels make a wonderful starter, inviting everybody to test their chopstick skills and dip them into an intense pot of soy sauce.

For the winning F-word dish you have to cook up ‘Mabel’s Chicken Claypot’, a sumptuous sticky meal that will become a firm family favourite after the first mouthful.

sweet mandarin

From Sweet Mandarin Cookbook: Classic and Contemporary Chinese Recipes with Gluten & Dairy-free Variations by Helen Tse and Lisa Tse

Published by Kyle Books

Available on Amazon

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