Heroes of the Supper Clubs in London

Mighty Spice Kitchen looks at the best supper clubs in london this summer

The supper club trend may not be new, but the guerrilla-dining scene is stronger than ever. With the quality of dining on the rise and still affordable, today’s supper clubs offer some of the most interesting and eclectic dining experiences in the city. Here’s our pick of supper clubs in London right now.

Dine Mile High

Mile High is the supper club on everyone’s hot list this summer. They have garnered plaudits for their unique use of design and quirky take on destination dining, expect cool fun and out-of-the-ordinary (waiters dressed as cabin crew). Within one evening the Mile High crew will whisk you away with food, music and entertainment to the far corners of the globe.

Next stop is Mozambique. This event will bring the atmosphere of Maputo’s Mercado do Peixe to west London, alongside jaunty Bossa Nova beats and summer cocktails. Chef, Ollie Templeton will be bringing bold, spicy flavours with his ‘eye-watering’ Piri Piri sauce. So sit back, enjoy the entertainment and take a cruise at 30,000 feet without leaving the M25!

Mozambique Mile High September 18th

For more information visit dinemilehigh.com

Dine mile High supper club
Yummy Choo

Bringing a hint of the warm Indian Ocean breeze to the grey streets of London this summer is the Mauritian Supper Club Yummy Choo, run by resident chef Selina Periampillai. Yummy Choo started at Selina’s home in Croydon but has since seen her take the wonderful spiced-up flavours of Mauritius to the National Gallery, Clifton Nurseries, Brixton and Clapham.

Now she’ll be whipping up a tropical storm at the Sun in the City supper club at The Trader’s Vic on Park Lane, with eight starters, four main courses and two desserts. Unusual combinations of French and Asian flavours feature in Selina’s menus think pumpkin gratin, goat curry, chicken fricassee and dhall pouri – we can’t wait to try some Mauritian cuisine!

Sun in the City Park Lane 11 July

For more information visit yummychooeats.com

supper clubs
Sabrina’s Kitchen Supper Club

Iranian born Sabrina Ghayour is a stalwart of the supper club scene having run her successful French Launderette Supper Club. Her dining clubs focus on the wonderful flavours of Persia and the Middle East with colourful and flavour-rich dishes such as steamed herb rice with smoked fish.

A self-taught cook, Sabrina has been catering for over a decade and she brings the tradition, feel and love of Persian cooking to diners across London.

Persian Modern and Traditional Tues 10th/24th September

For more information visit sabrinaghayour.com

Sabrina gaynor

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