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Each week Mighty Spice Kitchen will be bringing you our supermarket best buys. If you have a product that you think we need to know about please tweet us @mightyskitchen

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Strawberry Liquorice

A nostalgic pleasure, this liquorice brings up thoughts of olde sweet shoppes where glass jars full of delightful treats are stacked to the ceiling. The strawberry flavour is really intense, and it’s beautifully chewy just as good liquorice should be.

£1.00 Tesco 

Broad Bean Houmous

A lovely twist on a classic dip, this broad bean houmous has a wonderful nutty flavour from sesame seeds and a delicious kick from paprika. It has the same garlicky notes that we love about its chick-pea based cousin, and a much creamier texture.

£1.49 Waitrose

Smoked Duck

This French delicacy is the perfect balance of intense smoky duck flavour and a subtle soft texture. These ribbons of meat are unbelievably delicious spread out on a plate and topped with orange vinaigrette, c’est magnifique!

£6.00 Ocado 

smoked duck

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