Supermarket Best Buys

supermarket best buys

Each week Eat Travel Live will be bringing you our supermarket best buys. If you have a product that you think we need to know about please tweet us @eatravelivemag

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Devon Soft Curd Cheese

This wonderful fresh curd cheese is so adaptable it’s a fridge must have! Stir into a savoury soup for a touch of creaminess, mix into a cheesecake filling for added luxury, or even top with granola for a decadent breakfast.

£1.60 Waitrose 

Hot Yellow Peppers

These fiery little beauties are wonderful cupboard staples for spice lovers. They have a delicious crunch and vinegary kick, so add a fantastic depth of flavour to spicy meals like Thai stir fries or fresh Mexican salad.

£1.99 Tesco

Passion Fruit Tarts

We thoroughly believe that a treat here and there can work hand in hand with a balanced diet, and these tangy little tarts are certain to fit right in with that mind set. Their sweet and fruity but are by no means belly-busting, we love them!

£4.30 Ocado 

supermarket best buys
supermarket best buys
supermarket best buys

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