Supermarket Best Buys

supermarket best buys

Each week Eat Travel Live will be bringing you our supermarket best buys. If you have a product that you think we need to know about please tweet us @eatravelivemag

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Squid-less Rings

A fantastically quick tapas dish, these ‘squid-less’ rings are made using Pollock and whiting, so they have a lovely seafood flavour but aren’t in danger of becoming rubbery. Fry up with some chorizo for the perfect starter.

£2.99 Waitrose 

Cheddar and Red Onion Croutons

These golden croutons are great in salads as they add a lovely tangy flavour from the mature cheddar and red onion. Add these to loads of fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil for a gorgeous salad.

£1.15 Tesco 

Chocolate covered Brazil Nuts

Chocolate covered Brazil nuts are a delicious treat that go perfectly with a cup of coffee and a cosy throw! The chocolate is smooth and sweet while the brazil nuts have a mild nuttiness and delightful bite.

£1.50 Asda 

supermarket best buys
supermarket best buys
supermarket best buys

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