Supermarket Best Buys


Each week Eat Travel Live will be bringing you our supermarket best buys. If you have a product that you think we need to know about please tweet us @eatravelivemag

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Marinated Anchovies

Much less potent than the salted variety, these boneless anchovies have an intense seaside flavour that can take the strong flavour of the garlic marinade really well. Lay a few across bruschetta before grilling for a gorgeous antipasti dish.

£3.99 Ocado 

Toasting Muffins

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy in the middle, these breakfast muffins are everything you could ever want on a freezing cold morning. Smother in butter for a simple treat, or crack them open and add a few slices of soft brie and caramelised onion for a decadent brunch.

£1.50 Tesco 

Cranberry and Blood Orange Tea

Refreshingly sharp from the cranberries with a lovely sweetness from the orange, this naturally caffeine free tea is perfect for a frosty day. For something a bit different reduce this tea down with sugar to create a syrup for a fantastically wintry ice cream topper.

£1.30 Sainsbury’s 

supermarket best buys
supermarket best buys
supermarket best buys

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