Summer Alcoholic Drinks

beer and cider

As the summer sizzles, we have been looking at the ultimate light summer alcoholic drinks to enjoy in the heat. Whether you are chilling at a BBQ or rocking out at a festival, get ready to crack open one of these tasty tipples and enjoy the sun!
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What to See

beer and ciderFosters Radler

Fosters are well known for those two cheeky Australian chaps contemplating life (and beer!) in their beach hut. Well there’s a whole lot more to them than flip flops it seems, as they release their summer lager ‘Radler’, a light beer spiked with refreshing lime and fiery ginger.

This tongue tingling drink is a little like a shandy with its low alcohol content, and its fresh flavours make it perfect with spicy food and rich BBQ’d meats.

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beer and ciderMeantime Raspberry Wheat Beer

Meantime raspberry wheat beer is based on a pale and light brew, which is enriched by the addition of raspberry puree during maturation. The result is a fruity, dark coloured beer, which is perfect served chilled on a summers evening.

It’s also a rather nice to pour over vanilla ice cream… what more do you need from your summer alcoholic drinks?!

Case of 12 x 330 ml £21.99

beer and ciderMythos

Mythos is a refreshing Greek beer that’s quite unlike any other Europe creates. This light lager has a full beer flavour that immediately puts one in the party mood, especially when its served chilled down to near freezing temperature.

Although this stimulating bottle is indeed very easily drinkable, its also delicious eaten with authentic Greek food as its bright flavour cuts through the rich flavours. Drink with unctuous kleftiko and loads of feta, fried halloumi and with a fresh squeeze of lemon and especially souvlaki, a hot pitta stuffed full of grilled chicken and loads of garlicky tzatiki.

£1.79 Tesco

beer and ciderKorev

Korev (Cornish for beer) is the first lager from the wonderful St Austell’s brewery, one of the oldest breweries on the peninsula.

Korev is a very light tasting lager, with tangy lemon notes on the nose and a delicate citrus flavour on the tongue, which makes it perfect light summer drink.

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beer and ciderThistly Cross Cider

A flavoured cider is the perfect summer refresher. Thistly Cross elderflower infused cider is just the ticket, with floral notes and crisp apple hints it is the ultimate summer drink.

They also have a delicious strawberry cider or fiery root ginger. Talk about summer alcoholic drinks with a twist.

From £38.51

beer and ciderNorcotts Cranberry Cider

Norcotts have blended their cider with tangy cranberries to produce a sweet and sour effect – the kind that made you do a pinched face when you ate sour sweets as a kid. This utterly addictive sharp edge makes the cider perfect to drink with BBQ staples like pulled pork, ribs and juicy burgers.


beer and ciderOld Mout Kiwi and Lime Cider

Born in New Zealand, Old Mout is a cider that dedicates itself to making unusual flavour combinations that work.  Their kiwi and lime cider is like a ready made cocktail. The fruity hit from the kiwi is cut by the sharp lime, all the while maintaining a lovely snappy cider taste. This is a must try drink with slow cooked, rosemary and garlic lamb.

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