Stuffing – The Cheat Sheet


Nothing goes better with a lovely roast dinner than a large spoonful of stuffing. With a huge meal like that to prepare there is not always time to be bread crumbing on top of everything else? There are some great options out there for prepared stuffings, with a huge variety of flavours that compliment all kinds of different meat. Here’s our guide to the best stuffing cheats you can get.

Porcini Mushroom and Garlic

Full of strong flavours this porcini and mushroom stuffing doesn’t go very well with mild meats, but is a perfect accompaniment to game birds. Either stuff a whole pheasant for a beautiful roast, or roll into balls and bake for a crunchy accompaniment to smaller meals.

£1.40 Tesco 

Cider, Apple and Sage

The best stuffing you can buy for pork, this cider, apple and sage variety is everything you’d want with your joint. Sweet and tangy from the apples and cider and fragrant from the sage, bake this in a shallow dish for a crispy top or roll into a butterflied loin for a flavourful roast.

£1.40 Waitrose

Sage and Onion

A classic combination, this is the daddy of all stuffings. Full of punchy sage and onion flavours, a roast chicken isn’t complete without this fantastic accompaniment. This simple version is so quick to make but loses none of its flavour, we love it!

£0.50 Asda

porcini and garlic
cider and apple
sage and onion

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