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At MSK we’re all about grassroots dining, so we’ve caught up with Victoria Stewart from London Street Foodie to delve into the burgeoning street food London scene.

Watch out for our trader profiles and recipes over the next few months…

Why is street food is getting so big?

You don’t have to book in advance so in that sense it appeals to everyone.

Of course, because there are fewer overhead costs, the traders are able to charge less for a huge wedge of really fresh, really well-made food than what you might have to pay in a restaurant.

Best of all is the energy and passion from all of the traders – many of them have left jobs to start their food businesses and many are happy to tell their story while they make the food in front of you. It makes food on the street exciting.

london street food New Trends and Traders

Comfort food. You don’t get many making salads! That said, it is comfort food made with seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Breakfast. Original Street Food Material, Mother Flipper and Andy Bates from Eat My Pies are all cooking up delicious bacon/egg breakfast treats.

Sweets stalls. Alongside cupcakes you can now find meringues, cheesecakes, tarts, and brownies taken up a few notches


Top 5 World Street Food Traders and why you love them.

I want to make it clear that there are some fabulous British street food traders including Street Kitchen who do sustainable, seasonal food and Pitt Cue Co who do a fantastic British version of American barbecue. However, my top world street food in London would be:

london street Angus Denoon Duncan of Everybody Love Love The Jhal Muri Express which travels around. Angus is unique. He isn’t in it for profile boosting. He makes delicious Calcutta street food like bhel buri and wants lots of people to learn about it. It is as much about translating the madness of India as it is about producing great, authentic snacks.

Vinn-Goute Seychelles-inspired food. A family-run stall selling interesting dishes including spicy octopus curry, exotic fish wraps and other snacks.

Breddo’s Tacos or Luardos tacos (can’t choose!) These are my favourite tacos on the street. Fresh, zingy, fun, available at Netil Markets, Kerb, Street Feast and more.

Yum Bun Soft air-steamed buns with fillings such as pork, mushroom or fish. My favourite is belly pork in sweet hoisin sauce, spring onions and more. I also love the story – she didn’t mean to start making these but now queues go around the stall. Trading at Feast and elsewhere. Or in their new
café by Rotary Bar & Kitchen.

French & Grace Middle Eastern. Fun, simple approach to cooking with Middle Eastern spices. Had the chorizo and halloumi wrap most recently. Brixton restaurant or travelling street food stall.

For more from Victoria on Street Food London Visit her site

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