Stéphane Reynaud

Stephane Reynaud

In The Know – travel notes from our favourite chefs.

Stéphane Reynaud is the owner of the is the owner and chef of restaurant Villa 9 Trois and his new book Pies and Tarts is in shops now.
  • What is your favourite city right now? Lyon
  • Why do you love it? There are so many little restaurants called bouchon serving real  traditional Lyonnaise food
  • Where do you refuel in the morning? Ripaille restaurant in Pari
  • Tell us a hidden gem? Eliane, a secret restaurant in Barsac, south west France.
  • Where is the best market? Rungis Market
  • Top street-food eat? I prefer my home made sandwiches!
  • Best place for a sunset drink? The Mezenc, a little mountain close to my village in France
  • What restaurant do you book every time? Chez Yannis at Paul Bocuse Market for his great veal liver
  • Best spot for something sweet? Pastelaria Aloma for the best pastel de nata in Lisbon
  • What gadget won’t you leave home without?  My chefs knife
Stephane Reynaud

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