Stax Diner

stax diner

Kingly Court just got a slice of the USA as Stax Diner fires up its grill in Soho.

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stax diner

American food connoisseur Bea Vo (of Maltby Street Diner and Bea’s of Bloomsbury) has expanded her foodie empire and opened the buzzing Stax Diner in Kingly Court.

Just a stones throw away from Carnaby Street, Stax is an all American hot spot of Warhol-esq. art, folk rock booming through the speakers and burgers quite unlike anything else.

Born in Virginia, Bea has stuck to her Southern roots and used loosely packed mince, which is ground in house on a daily basis, for all the Stax burgers. Alongside the burgers are a few crunchy fried chicken dishes and some mouth watering sides.

We went to the soft launch of Stax to sink our teeth into Bea’s burgers. It had been an unprecedentedly popular first day, so sadly a few of the ‘must-try’ items were off the menu. I mourned the loss of my first choice the ‘Gilded Chickadee’, a crunchy chicken burger with apple and poppyseed coleslaw.

Thankfully, the ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ with Monterery Jack cheese was banging. A drippy delight, with just crumbling mince that fell apart in your mouth rather than in your hands. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the ‘Blues Burger’, a medium cooked burger that was topped with caramalised onions and creamy blue cheese, which had to be finished with a knife and fork.

It seems that the trick to the loose burger is using hard cheese to bind it and just a flash fry in the pan. You win some you lose some!

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