St Barts Brewery

st barts brewery

Grace Parry loved the massive plates of kick ass pub grub at Smithfield Market’s newest boozer St Bart’s Brewery.

Create your own pub grub at home with Tom Kerridge’s delicious lemon possets.

st bart brewerySmithfield Market just got a little bit cooler with the latest addition St Barts Brewery. The newest gastro pub has all the credentials of a great British boozer: a huge bar decked out with a mind blowing selection of craft beers, wines and ciders that are all made specifically for the pub, delicious food served up on trendy boards and a buzzing atmosphere.

St Barts Brewery is designed to look relaxing and beautifully chic. The whole building is dripping in charming rustic décor, with antique-y looking wooden floors, suede covered contemporary armchairs and industrial touches that create a lovely modern drinking spot.

If a pint doesn’t take your fancy head upstairs to the Balfour Bar, where their mixologists are serving killer cocktails alongside the sites exclusive English Sparkling wine.

The lovely selection of starters, mains and shared plates gets the balance between casual and fine dining spot on. Dishes range from delicate gourmet delights like king scallops on cauliflower puree with caramalised pineapple, to a banging British mixed grill with more meat on it that a butchers display.

We chose the rib eye steak, a massive piece of beef expertly cooked with a pink middle and charred exterior. This thick slab of utterly incredible meat took up half the board it was served on, but that didn’t stop us devouring the whole thing with lashings of tangy tarragon packed hollandaise. Together with a few of St Bart’s wonderful deep-fried fennel wedges this was a lunchtime winner.

We also had a juicy and delightfully drippy Indian inspired lamb burger, slathered in sweet mango chutney, with an added cumin-spiked onion bhaji that provided a moreish crunch. This amazing dish made me doubt my previous loyalty to only using beef in a burger, especially when a side of the chunkiest chips proved an excellent vehicle to mop up all the juices. It seems that St Bart’s ethos is go big or go home, and don’t we just love it.

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