Spanish Tapas Recipes

spanish tapas recipes

Spanish tapas is a year round crowd pleaser, with small plates of delicious Spanish dishes catering for everybody’s every whim and fancy.
Whether you want to go all out with super impressive Chicharrones de Cadiz or prefer to keep it simple with some garlicky chicken skewers and aioli, we’ve got you covered! Here are our favourite Spanish tapas recipes.
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What to See

spanish tapas recipesChorizo with Cider

Chorizo is of course a tapas staple. This spicy Spanish sausage is packed with hot paprika and pungent garlic, and all of these savoury oils are released when fried. Stir in some sweet cider for a deliciously warming plate just calling out for crusty bed.

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spanish tapas recipesChicharrones de Cadiz

Okay, we don’t know the exact translation for these delicious melt in the mouth bites, so we’re just going to go with ‘bloody amazing pork belly’. They take a little time, but these juicy mouthfuls of salty pork, with just a squeeze of tangy lemon, will disappear in seconds.

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spanish tapas recipesChicken Skewers with Aioli

When it comes to finger food (aka all tapas) skewers are a fantastic idea. These juicy chicken skewers are bite size and sprinkled with paprika for a Spanish hit, whilst the classic Spanish garlic dip aioli adds a pungent kick.

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spanish tapas recipesPork Skewers

We weren’t lying when we said skewers are an essential tapas dish! These wonderful pork skewers have a lovely chargrilled exterior, and the spicy chilli sauce has an addictive smokiness.

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spanish tapas recipesCrab Fritters with Saffron Mayonnaise

Okay, its not a classic tapas dish, but these crab fritters with a bright yellow saffron mayonnaise are too good to resist. Crunchy coating, sweet salty crab meat and that tang of floral saffron… That all just screams for a glass of accompanying sangria!

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spanish tapas recipesClams with Serrano Ham and Sherry

This dish is the perfect thing to serve up as part of tapas. Juicy clams with salty ham is offset by lots of very Spanish sherry, leaving the only hard part is deciding which loaf of crusty bread you want to serve it with.

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spanish tapas recipesBraised Calamari

Contrary to popular belief, squid doesn’t have to be flash fried to remain tender and silky, braising it gets the same result with a banging sauce as a bonus! This juicy tomato sauce is technically Italian, but this dish works so well as part of a tapas feast we couldn’t leave it out!

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spanish tapas recipesBaked Mushrooms

Earthy mushrooms smothered in lots of garlic and herbs, what could be better to serve as part of tapas?! Not only are they a lovely veggie dish, their strong flavours stand up to all the meaty options. Sprinkle with a little paprika to add a real Spanish kick.

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spanish tapas recipesVegetarian Tortilla

We couldn’t have a tapas round up without a Spanish tortilla could we! This lovely veggie version is packed full of peppers and potatoes for some seriously good stodge factor. Give anyone a good wedge of this with some olive oil and a sprinkling of pepper and they’ll love you forever. Fact!

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spanish tapas recipesChurros

Dessert is just as important as mains when it comes to tapas, and these gorgeous cinnamon sprinkled churros are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth after a tapas feast. A little like sticks of doughnuts, they’re best served hot for a fluffy middle, gorgeous when dipped into a thick, rich chocolate sauce.

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