South Devon Chilli Farm

south devon chilli farm

With the UK chilli harvesting season upon us, we thought we’d have a chat with our favourite chilli producers, the South Devon Chilli Farm.

The harvest season, which runs from June until October in the UK, sees the well-established and equally well-loved South Devon Chilli Farm picking tonnes of chillies of all shapes, sizes and colours of chillies. From the extra hot Habanero to the flavoursome, milder Santa Fe Grande, the farm grows more types of chillies than you’ve had hot dinners, (which in this context, is absolutely no ‘hot’ dinners whatsoever.)

The Farm was founded in 2003, and since then has risen to fame on account of its excellent produce and innovative ‘seed to sauce’ products. Celebrity fans of the farm include X-files star and FHM’s sexiest woman of the year 1996 Gillian Anderson, who says that their chilli chocolate is the best in the world.

Steve Waters, chilli expert extraordinaire, is as cool as his chillies are spicy. So, without further ado, here’s our interview with the man himself!

What inspired you to get into chilli farming?
A love of Mexican food, growing chilli plants as a hobby and a desire to run my own business.

What’s your favourite chilli?
My favourite changes throughout the season – in early Summer, it will be the Pimientos de Padron tapas pepper, in mid-Summer, the Santa Fe Grande (great for salsa and ‘poppers’) and in late Summer, the wonderful flavour of the Habaneros.

Best tip for those growing chillies at home?
Warm soil, full sun and water well only when on the dry side.

Favourite chilli recipe?
Salsa – Mango, spring-onion, lime juice, coriander and fresh chilli.

Best chilli story?
That’s probably not for print! As a stand in: We have said for years that our Chilli Chocolate was inspired by a Mexican recipe. When my brother moved to Mexico a few years ago and mentioned chilli chocolate to his Mexican work colleagues they had never heard of it, so it seems not all of Mexico has experienced Chilli Chocolate!

We love the South Devon Chilli Farm for its dedication to and passion for great chilli production. There wonderful products are available to buy on their shop 

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