Your Guide to South Africa Travel

south africa travel

South Africa is a sun-drenched land of adventure. From spotting whales in the ocean to flying over a forest canopy on a zipline there are so many activities to try out. Check out our guide to South Africa travel for all the inspiration you need.
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What to See

south africa travelWhale Watching

Southern Right Whales gather along the Cape every year to mate and to calve, while Humpback whales and shy Bryde’s whales also reside along South Africa’s coastline. Taking a boat out into the ocean you can watch these most majestic of marine mammals in their natural habitat.

south africa travelShark Diving

Get up close to one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. Shark cage diving is an experience you’ll never forget. In South Africa you’ll be diving with Great Whites and watching them feast their toothy jaws on some unsuspecting prey underwater.

south africa travelCanopy Tour

Glide through the forest canopy of the Magaliesberg Mountains, which are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. 11 platforms have been constructed throughout the forest with 10 cabled slides up to 140 metres long. Ecperience the flora and fauna of the Ysterhout kloof while speeding across the tops of the trees.

south africa travelSafari

Go big cat stalking among the bushlands on a South African safari. The Kruger National Park is home to a huge variety of wildlife species from elephants and rhino to leopards, cheetah and lazy lions. Jeep driving safaris come in self-drive or guided packages.

south africa travelBlyde Canyon

The third largest canyon in the world Blyde Canyon is located in Mpumalanga. The canyon is 25 kilometres in length and may be the largest green canyon covered in thick green foliage. You can explore the canyon from below by boat, get knee deep in the forest by hiking through it or take a dramatic flight over it in a helicopter.

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