Smoke and Meat at Electric Diner

Smoke and Meat at Electric Diner | Notting Hill

John Gregory-Smith loved the new Smoke and Meat night at Electric Diner

The smells of unctuous meat and spices wafted out of the door as we walked into Electric Diner for their new Smoke and Meat evening.

The menu comes courtesy of new head chef (and ZZ Top look alike) Andrew Clark. Andrew is ex-Ritas and his skills are evident as he manned the kitchen, eying up each plate on the pass, making sure it was perfect.

On his recommendation, we ordered two Sampler Platters, a mixture of every meaty morsel on the menu. Two whopping plates arrived piled high with a glorious selection of beautifully bbq’d food. At £28 its not cheap, but what you get is sublime – All the meat, apart from the USDA Bison Brisket, comes from Turner and George in East London, on of the beat butchers in town.

The large slithers of brisket, cooked Texan style, glistened naughtily. The meat was smoky and sweet and melt in the mouth good. The belly ribs looked like they had been in a fight with the grill, scorched and knurled, and heavy with the scent of woody spices. The meat pulled away from bone beautifully and tasted was incredible. It had a smoky sweet flavour, heavy with cloves and allspice.

Nestled between a pile of rather spicy pickled cucumbers (that made an excellent palette cleanser) and a creamy slaw was a smoked sausage. The skin was a little waxy but the meat soft and tender, with a big smoked flavour.

The dish also had a pile of fried bread that felt like unnecessary card loading for me – why have crap toast when you can feast on rocking bbq! And then almost unseen, but not overlooked, pulled Tamworth pork. Soft sticky and sweet, with an extra Texan tickle from a pot of bbq sauce.

Andy clearly knows his stuff and he has put his already put his rock and roll stamp onto the Electric in a big way. Lets just hope that smoke and meat makes it from Tuesday night pop up to every day indulgence.

Electric Diner – 191 Portobello Rd, London W11 2ED

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